Moving is tough, let us help


At Austin Moving Pros, we’ve had experience with moves from apartments, homes, retirement communities, condos, student moves and about every other kind of move you can possibly think of. Unlike some Austin moving companies, we do not move multiple customers’ belongings in the same truck (which is an easy way to get things mixed up and confused). Every move has its own dedicated truck. The trucks come fully rigged out with moving blankets, appliance dollies, furniture dollies, box dollies and all the straps and tie-downs needed to make sure that your belongings are moved safely. If you prefer, we can shrink-wrap upholstered furniture for extra protection, and can have delicate items (lamps, glass tabletops, china cabinets, etc) crated with excelsior, packing peanuts or whatever is needed to ensure safety.


Moving a business is a real headache, as every business owner knows. You can’t spend any more time tearing down, moving and setting up in the new location than you absolutely have to, since down time means a chunk out of your bottom line. It presents special challenges for the moving company as well. Our experienced, dedicated Austin movers can help you by:

  • Setting up the date for the move
  • Giving you an accurate estimate and timeline for how long the move will take
  • Safely packing and moving your computers, telecom systems and other office equipment
  • Moving file cabinets and files to your exact specifications
  • Packing and shipping all your furniture, cubicles and work stations
  • Consulting with you on what can be disposed of before the move

We can supply you with everything you need for a commercial move, including the Masonite or cardboard strips to protect floors and walls at the old building and the new one both. Our general-liability umbrella insurance allows us to not only make sure your office’s equipment and furniture is covered against damage claims, but also allows us to work with any property management company.

Packing Supplies

Moving AustinShould you decide you’d rather do the packing yourself before the move (understandable – it’s your stuff, many people prefer to do the packing themselves), we can supply you with boxes, packing tape, markers, peanuts, bubble wrap and everything else to allow you to take charge of the packing aspects yourself.